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Enjoy the experience of buying your new car online service that was launched in 2017 to make buying your new car an unforgettable experience. You can browse the Toyota Saudi website with ease and comfort, whether at home or in your workplace, providing you a showroom that’s available 24 hours a day, seven days a week throughout the year It displays all models, classes, specifications, features, colors, prices, and car offers. then, after choosing the right car for you and recording your data in the online purchase order form available icon next to each car on the site, the sales consultant will contact you as soon as possible.

In the online order service, we employ only a trained and fully-qualified work team which has all the necessary expertise to provide the best advice and tips and financing solutions that suit you and to serve you completely in the knowledge that your new car will be delivered to your door free of charge wherever you are in the Kingdom.

Submit your purchase order online with ease. You simply have to following below steps:

First: Visit the Toyota Saudi website and choose the car that is right for you.

Second: Submit your purchase interest. Either through clicking on the online order icon for the car you have chosen, or calling our toll-free number 8004400055, or simply communicating with us through social media channels.

Third: One of sales consultants will contact you within 48 hours of registering the purchase order and will explain to you all the specifications and features of the chosen car, along with any other appropriate options and with a full explanation of the monthly offers, if any, as well as the available financing solutions, either through Abdul Latif Jameel Finance Company or through the available financing banks.

Fourth: your advisor will be happy to explain the sale procedures. If you wish to pay by cash, they will explain to you the easy online payment methods available that enable you to purchase easily and safely through the Mada Card, Visa, or Master Card. Or you can pay by direct transfer to the company's accounts. they will be able to provide you with all the required documents in the event of a desire to purchase through financing solutions available and help complete the purchase process for you through the approved financing authorities.

* Terms and conditions apply in addition to the terms of the financing entity

Fifth: your car will be delivered to your door for free.

* Terms and conditions apply in addition to the terms of the financing entity


  • Sales consulting service
  • Monthly offers
  • Cash / financing offers
  • Online payment
  • Free home delivery


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