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What’s T-Connect?

T-Connect is an app that connects you to your vehicle and allows you to check various types of data on your smartphone. It also has a function to quickly connect you to our call center if you encounter a problem with your vehicle. The app makes your driving experience safer and more convenient.
* For vehicles equipped with Connected DA

ABOUT Connected DA

On-board device that allows you to connect your smartphone to receive vehicle information, warnings, and other data.
Check information on your smartphone such as Driving Range, Mileage, and Driving Time , as well as Warning Notifications.
*You must first download and install the T-Connect app to your smartphone.


  • Driving Data: You can check Mileage and Driving Time.* Only when the app is connected to Connected DA
  • Warning Notifications: The app informs you if a malfunction occurs in your vehicle. You can immediately get in touch with our call center. * Only when the app is connected to Connected DA

Connecting Your Smartphone

Step 1: Use Bluetooth pairing to connect your smartphone and Connected DA.

Step 2: After pairing is complete, launch the T-Connect app on your smartphone.

Step 3: Information is collected each time the engine is switched on or off or when warning lights switch on or off. Check the information on your smartphone.


List of Vehicles Equipped with Connected DA

  • Hilux 2021, 2022 and 2023
    • SGLX 4X4 2.4 Diesel DC MT
    • SGLX 4X4 2.4 Diesel DC AT
    • SGLX 4X4 2.8 Diesel DC MT
    • SGLX 4X4 2.8 Diesel DC AT
    • SGLX 4X4 2.7 Petrol DC MT
    • SGLX 4X4 2.7 Petrol DC AT

Smart Connect

Compatible with Apple CarPlay.


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