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The “TOYOTA ONE” application is designed for TOYOTA fans & owners, where they can view the features of TOYOTA vehicles, book maintenance appointments, locate Toyota centers and other services and offers.

The Application also reveals the complete TOYOTA range in Saudi Arabia, allowing the user to learn more about each vehicle. The Application also allows users to find the vehicle that meets their preferences, through the “Find your Match” section. 

The TOYOTA ONE Application also provides the “TOYOTA LIFESTYLE” service which includes unbeatable offers in many restaurants, spas, hotels, fitness outlets, entertainment venues and more.

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How do I access the TOYOTA LIFESTYLE?

Who is eligible to be enrolled and benefit from the TOYOTA LIFESTYLE offers?

What are the excluded vehicles from this campaign (New car owners & Service customers)?

How long does it take until my subscription gets activated after receiving my new 2021 year model or onward Toyota vehicle?

How long does it take until my subscription gets activated after performing my Periodic maintenance service?

What will happen to my active subscription to the TOYOTA LIFESTYLE if I sold my Toyota vehicle?

Can I renew my subscription to the TOYOTA LIFESTYLE after I sold my new 2021 year model or onward Toyota vehicle to a new owner?

How do I see the different merchants available within TOYOTA LIFESTYLE?

How do I redeem an offer from the TOYOTA LIFESTYLE?

How do I redeem a Travel 2-for-1 offer?

How many offers are available in TOYOTA LIFESTYLE?

How long are TOYOTA LIFESTYLE products valid for?

What are the restrictions on the offers?

What happens if merchants close during the validity period?

How many offers are there for each participating merchant?

How many offers may I use at one time?

Where can I download the TOYOTA One Saudi Arabia App?

Do I have to pay for the TOYOTA LIFESTYLE Service?

Which languages can I use my TOYOTA LIFESTYLE in?

How do I change the language settings in my TOYOTA LIFESTYLE?

How do I log in via another device?

How do I log someone out of my account?

I forgot my password. How can I sign in to the TOYOTA LIFESTYLE?

Do I need an internet connection to redeem TOYOTA LIFESTYLE offers?

What is Getaways?

How do I book using Getaways?

If I go to a participating outlet and I hit redeem on an offer on my TOYOTA LIFESTYLE Account and find that they do not accept the offer for some reason, can I cancel the redemption?

How to I retrieve the redemption code for a redeemed offer?

Can I see how much I have saved?

How can I change the currency that is used?

How do I find out how many offers I have left for a particular outlet on my App account?

I have redeemed an offer at one location but the offer is showing as redeemed at all locations.

Do I have access to the Rules of Use?

How do I redeem more than one offer at the same time – e.g. when I am with a group of friends and I have offers available to use?

How does the App work when using offers from the Beauty & Fitness section – e.g. when I go to a spa alone and want to use my offer for the next visit?


How can I contact you for support/questions for your products?