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Offer Expires On 30 June, 2024

Terms and Conditions

    Toyota Injector Cleaner

    • ALJ Motors is announcing a new product for Injector Cleaner genuine Toyota parts.
    • Injector Cleaner is a mandatory item in Toyota periodic maintenance for recent models (refer to owner manual for more information)
    • The product price is (Petrol SR 121, Diesel SR 107) including VAT.


    Engine Flush

    • ALJ Motors is announcing a new package for Engine Flush, Toyota genuine parts
    • The package price is SR 111, which includes labor, part, and VAT.


    Headlight Coating 

    • ALJ Motors is announcing a new package for Headlight Coating, Toyota genuine parts
    • This product is suitable for foggy or discolored headlights that lost its shine and clarity
    • The package price for one side is SR 222 and for both sides SR 255, which includes labor, parts, and VAT.


    General Conditions 

    • The company has the right to change the price at any time without a prior notice.
    • These packages and products are valid only at Abdul Latif Jameel (ALJ) Toyota service centers. (Note: Lexus service centers are not included).
    • Availing these packages and products automatically supersedes all existing discount contracts.
    • These packages and products are not subject to alteration of any kind and must remain as mentioned.
    • This document does not entail any responsibilities, obligations, rights, or claims conflicting to what is stated and according to the company’s intentions.