22 January, 2019

Toyota Safety Sense

Read on to know more about how this innovative technology boosts unrivalled safety while driving your Toyota vehicle.

Toyota Puts Safety First With its New TSS System

There are endless features that drivers need to consider before purchasing a new car. The sole feature that drivers can never compromise on is safety. Making roads safer for drivers, passengers and pedestrians, Toyota launched TSS – the Toyota Safety Sense system.

Read on to know more about how this innovative technology boosts unrivalled safety while driving your Toyota vehicle.


What is the Toyota Safety Sense system?

TSS comes in several packages to serve different types, sizes and specifications of vehicles. However, every package addresses three key issues regarding accident protection:

  • Enhancing road safety during night-time.
  • Helping drivers stay within their lane.
  • Preventing frontal collisions.

The TSS system includes several advanced safety features.


Pre-Collision System

This system uses sonic warnings and automatic braking to mitigate frontal collisions. If you are moving towards an object in front of you at a speed of 10 to 80 km/h without applying the brakes, automatic braking kicks in. Depending on the weather, tires and road conditions, the emergency braking could theoretically slow you down to more than 30 km/h.


Lane Departure Alert

Helping drivers stay in their lanes while driving, this feature uses a camera on your windshield to help you avoid the possible negative consequences of veering from your lane. This works when you are driving at a speed of 50 km/h or higher.


Lane Tracing Assist

This is yet another feature to ensure drivers stay on their lanes. The Lane Tracing Assist uses the lines on the road and preceding vehicles to help keep your car centered in its lane.


Automatic High Beams

This feature automatically switches between high and low beams at night to make nighttime driving safer. It uses a camera to detect headlights and taillights of preceding vehicles.


Dynamic Radar Cruise Control

Taking cruise control to a new level, the Dynamic Radar Cruise Control feature uses radar and a camera on the windshield to detect the speed and distance of the car in front of you so that your vehicle can safely be adjusted.


Road Sign Assist

This feature utilizes a forward-facing intelligent camera to detect any signs on the road and display them on the MID or Multi-Information-Display, including stop signs, yield and speed limit signs.


Toyota’s new high-tech TSS features will surely help drivers enjoy a safer driving experience; however, human intuition and action are an inseparable part of the equation. The safety packages are designed to enhance – not replace – our judgment during any kind of dangerous situation.

To know more about TSS, visit your nearest Toyota showroom and talk to a sales representative. They will tell you all you want to know about this innovative technology.