Yaris 2022




Stylish, dynamic and youthful

Make a statement with the stylish Yaris Sedan. Its body is bold yet graceful and sporty from every angle. Shoulder-lines and surfacing give the Yaris Sedan a high-quality appearance and feel that belies its value for money.

Front and rear

From every angle and in every detail the Yaris Sedan looks modern. Carefully integrated front lights contrast excitingly with lower front grille. Rear light clusters complement the horizontal design of the trunk to give a broad aspect to the rear.

Sleek looks

Yaris Sedan has a graceful design but its good looks serve a purpose too. Surface areas have been smoothed to ensure clean airflow across the body. The reduction in air friction helps the Yaris Sedan to slip through the air quietly and with improved fuel economy.


An elegant and exciting futuristic design, precision engineering and the build quality evident throughout will make you proud of your Yaris Sedan for a long time to come.

Spaciousness and comfort

Express your taste for the good-life in the Yaris Sedan’s modern, distinctively stylish cabin. With comfort throughout, you can enjoy the inbuilt audio system, connect your own device through the USB and AUX ports, and enjoy the cool serenity provided by the efficient air conditioning system.

Interior space

Ergonomically designed seats provide comfort that lasts, even on long journeys. Their width takes full advantage of the enhanced cabin space and adjustable headrests complement the slide and recline adjustability of the front seats, ensuring you find the perfect driving position.

Toyota Yaris 2018 Trunk


Capacity is the hidden bonus with the Yaris Sedan. With a trunk this big, this accessible and this shape, loading luggage is easy.

Toyota Yaris 2018 Interior doors lock and mirror adjustment

Powered Door Mirrors

This makes it convenient for driver to adjust the rear view mirrors based on his comfort and ease to enjoy a smooth drive

Toyota Yaris 2018 Gear stick


Maximize your enjoyment of engine performance with continuously variable transmission (CVT)

Toyota Yaris 2018 VVT engine

Engineered to perform

Advanced Variable Valve Timing Injection (VVTi) ensures smooth power delivery, efficient fuel economy and low emissions. Yaris Sedan has performance at its heart.

Toyota Yaris 2018 Suspension

Handling and suspension

The sophisticated suspension system employs high-quality shock absorbers to reduce noise and vibration in the cabin as much as possible. Secure handling and stability are assured and passengers experience a ride quality that belies the Yaris Sedan’ size.

Freedom to enjoy your journey

Appreciate driving as it should be with the aid of the technology in the Yaris Sedan. High-definition instrumentation and displays make information easier to read, while the tilting, adjustable steering wheel improve comfort and control.

The sound of sophistication

The audio system is fully integrated into the overall interior design. Packing a wealth of features and playing through four strategically mounted speakers, you’re sure of a powerful sound. Plug in your own device through USB, AUX ports, Bluetooth,& apple car play . listen to the AM/FM radio. plus rear camera.