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Get the Land Cruiser V6 2021

Offer Expires On 30 June, 2021

Let adventure take the wheel and enjoy free periodic services

Terms and Conditions

    • This Program is applicable only for Toyota Land Cruiser V6 Year Model 2021vehicles which are imported through the authorized TOYOTA distributor in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Abdul Latif Jameel Motors) which are been sold from 1st March 2021 up to 30th June 2021.
    • This Program is not applicable to fleet customers or vehicle sold in bulk under fleet contracts from all sales channels.
    • This Program offers Periodic Maintenance Service up to 70K KM (or 3 years which coms first) service as a part of your purchased vehicle with no additional cost on you, which will be performed as per the Owner’s Manual at applicable Service Centers.
    • Any additional job will have to be paid by customer.
    • Semi-synthetic engine oil 10W-40 will be used for the service. Any Change in oil type is subject to additional cost to be paid by the customer.
    • Customers are not entitled to claim labor, Spare Parts, Oil & Top up fluids value or exchange it with any other services provided by the company.
    • If the ODO reading exceeded 5000 Km from the due service, then the next service will be performed.
    • This program is not transferable from one vehicle to another.
    • Program is valid for a vehicle even if the owner is changed.
    • If customer misses any service, the next service will be carried out which is closest to odometer reading
    • Recommendations contained in the warranty booklet must be comply with in general, in order to maintain the warranty of the vehicle.
    • This document does not entail any responsibilities, obligations, rights, or claims conflicting to what is stated and according to the company’s intentions.
    • The company has the right to change or cancel this program at any time without a prior notice.


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