Rush 2023



Exterior Design

Stylish and versatile.A multi-­talented SUV to match your lifestyle.

Toyota Rush 2019 Speedometer

Stylish and versatile

A multi-­talented SUV to match your lifestyle

toyota rush silver mica metallic 2020 sideview

Aerodynamic design

The side view combines a dynamic and spacious design

toyota rush silver mica metallic 2020 front-view

The grille to thrill

The front view expresses a tough and wide image, while the chrome-plated parts create a high-quality impression

Toyota Rush 2019 Start Engine button

Aluminum wheels

The combination of black/machined turbine-inspired surfaces emphasize the toughness and dynamism of an SUV

Toyota Rush 2019 Tail lights

Rear styling

Thin horizontal LED rear combination lamps are brought to life by distinctive graphics


A spacious interior with room for up to seven makes getting out and about even more fun.

combination meters inside toyota rush 2020

Combination meters

The instrument panel integrates speedometer and tachometer meters accented by elegant chrome-­plated rings. Three-­ dimensional scales enhance visibility to provide vital driving information at a glance. The multi-­ information display in the center of the meters displays fuel efficiency in an intuitive format, together with an eco-­bar indicator.

Toyota Rush 2019 Start Engine button

Start System

The car can be started by depressing the brake pedal and pushing the engine switch. Pushing the switch again stops the engine.

air conditionning system inside toyota rush 2020

Air-­conditioning system

The excellent heating and cooling performance of the auto air-­conditioning keeps the interior at a comfortable temperature, for enjoyable driving comfort whether it is hot or cold outside.

Rear air conditioner inside toyota Rush 2020

Rear air-­conditioner

The rear cooler integrated in the roof further boosts comfort in the rear seats, for all occupants to ride in comfort.

Toyota Rush 2019 Gear stick

All-­terrain capability

Designed to traverse rough roads, the high approach and departure angles enable the Rush to navigate a variety of terrain.

Toyota Rush 2019 Engine

2NR-­VE engine

Incorporates Dual VVT-­i "Variable Valve Timing-­intelligent", which continuously optimizes intake and exhaust valve timing in response to driving conditions to deliver excellent performance in various conditions, together with light weight and low friction components that contribute to high combustion and outstanding fuel efficiency.

Toyota Rush 2019 Engine and wheels


The 5.2-­meter minimum turning radius makes for easy driving and peace of mind in narrow parking spaces and alleyways.


Equipped with SRS driver airbag, SRS front passenger airbag, SRS side airbags "front seats" and SRS curtain shield airbags "front and rear seats".

Toyota Rush 2019 Headlights

LED headlamps

Ensure excellent visibility at night and in low light while helping save power.

Toyota Rush 2019 Exterior Safety

Back-­up sonar

While backing out of a car park or garage, ultrasonic sensors detect obstacles as the vehicle approaches them and alerts the driver with a buzzer.