Innova 2020



Innovative, purposeful design

Innova’s styling stands out from other family vehicles. The clever monobox design maximizes space on the inside and gives the car a distinctive and modern stance on the street. The monobox design is also lightweight, which aids overall performance and achieves a modern elegance that’s hard to match.


A bold front face features large headlights and gives Innova excellent forward vision and a wide path of illumination.


Large and powerful rear warning lights provide an added element of safety, making Innova easier for vehicles travelling behind to see. An additional, bright high-mounted stop lamp gives further warning of your braking for added security.


Providing a comfortable ride and stable road holding, Innova is equipped with 16-inch wheels as standard, either steel with full wheel covers or made from sporty aluminum.

Dimensions designed for comfort

Comfort is key with Innova. The spacious interior easily accommodates up to eight occupants, with a level of equipment and thoughtful storage ideas that make every journey a joy.

Comfortable Seats

You’ll find Innova spacious and comfortable. The cabin is characterized by quietness and scale. Every detail has been considered.

Front and rear air conditioning

A powerful air conditioning system ensures comfort for everyone. Front and rear passenger compartment vents quickly circulate cool, refreshing air. The system is easy to adjust with clear and intuitive controls.

Ambient Light

The Ambient light creates the perfect atmosphere while driving at night.