Camry 2019



More Attractive

A unique combination of sleek design and strong performance enhanced by intelligent dynamic technology.

Aerodynamic design

Camry’s design doesn’t just look beautiful. It cuts through the air with aerodynamic efficiency. And that means Camry delivers good fuel economy and minimal wind noise for a quiet and comfortable drive.

Aluminum wheels

Lighter weight and sporty aluminum wheels help improve handling and road-holding for a more accomplished drive.

The grille to thrill

The redesigned front face of Camry incorporates the new Toyota signature grille. Wide and low, the grille certainly makes the front face impressive but it also optimizes airflow to the engine for strong cooling performance.

A blend of elegance and exceptional comfort

You’ll find Camry spacious and comfortable. The cabin is characterized by quietness and scale. Every detail has been considered.

Rear valance

Raise and lower the rear sun curtain from the driver’s seat or leave it to the automatic control when you’re reversing. The curtain provides both privacy and protection from the sun for rear seat passengers.

A sophisticated audio systemFeaturePromo

An 8-inch touch-panel display provides easy control of the 6-speaker audio system with integrated DVD player. The navigation system searches and provides optimal route guidance.

2.5-­liter A25A-­FXS engine

The newly-­developed 2.5-­liter Dynamic Force Engine delivers both high combustion efficiency and high power output. It combines with the evolved electrified hybrid system to generate outstanding acceleration and power, delivering dynamic performance and exceptional fuel efficiency to expand your driving pleasure.

Constantly evolving

The Camry’s engine is constantly being developed to ensure the best performance and fuel efficiency while guaranteeing a drive with character. Variable Valve Technology is the latest innovation to improve engine performance and comes as standard.

Smooth, powerful and sure to excite

Camry strikes the perfect balance between smooth and strong performance.

All New Transmission

A highly sophisticated, electronically controlled 8-speed automatic transmission ensures engine power is seamlessly delivered to the road. Effortlessly and quietly shifting gear while delivering impressive fuel efficiency is a Camry key strength you’ll come to appreciate.

Braking system

Stopping quickly and safely has always been a Camry engineering priority. The large disc brakes Camry comes with as standard provide more stopping power. Factor in the sophisticated anti-lock braking system (ABS) and Camry is an assured stopper.

All-round reassurance

Feel safer in the new Camry. Active and passive safety features enhance the engineering that underlines your protection. In addition to driver and front passenger airbags, rear curtain airbags are also available. You can even park your Camry more safely with the rear-facing reversing camera and rear sensors.

Stability and control

Maintain perfect control. Camry’s stability systems help you avoid drifts and skids when cornering.

Intelligent Start/Stop

One push of a button is all you need to start or stop the engine. Just keep the key handy and let its sensors do the rest.

Advancing your driving pleasure

Camry is designed for your driving pleasure and features technologies that enhance that enjoyment. Whether you’re enjoying the smooth electronically controlled six-speed transmission or adjusting the advanced audio system with the steering wheel-mounted controls, Camry’s technologies work hard so that you don’t have to.