Coaster 2018




Modern & Tough

A simple and modern design with tough style

Center doorstep

A deep doorstep enhances easy access so a wide range of passengers, from children to the elderly, can easily and securely get in and out.

Luggage-type door

Easily store luggage and tools through the rear luggage door.

Protection from strong sunlight

The UV-reducing green glass reduces ultraviolet rays, helping to protect the skin even when exposed to strong sunlight

Spacious & Comfortable Interior

Because passengers are seated for extended periods on long trips, the Coaster features a larger spacious interior so they will enjoy the whole trip in comfort.

Ease of use from the driver’s perspective.

Function switches on the instrument panel are grouped within easy reach. Intuitive operation frees the driver from looking away from the road.

Climate control panel

The climate control panel provides excellent visibility and ease of use.

Air conditioning

The system delivers airflow to every corner of the interior. The vents incorporate knobs with an easy-to-grip shape so passengers can direct airflow in the desired direction

Practical audio system

The audio system features a radio and speakers throughout the passenger compartment, as well as a useful microphone.

Large- storage capacity

Storage for plastic bottles, tissue boxes, etc

Combination meters

They support monitoring of vital vehicle information, including extensive warning functions.

Simplifying maintenance

Regular checkup and maintenance can be performed with easy.

Frame structure

The Coaster’s proven, highly durable frame withstands prolonged use, even on unpaved roads.